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    Auto pilot procedures Empty Auto pilot procedures

    Post by TheDarkKnight50 on March 18th 2013, 1:28 am

    We had a situation come up tonight (this will be included into the league rule book which is currently in development), regarding auto pilots and when it should be used. After some serious thinking and discussion I'm going to go ahead and post up the normal auto pilot procedures.


    1. If you are playing a CLOSE game and it desyncs, you should re-play the game. Regardless of quarter, unless one side gladly says for the other to play auto pilot because they cannot play.

    Makes most sense as a desync is no ones fault, rather Madden's lame ass server. lol

    2. If No. 1 happens, and the opposing player refuses or cannot play the re-play of the game due to desync, the other player gets to play the auto pilot cpu.

    It wouldn't be fair for someone to desync and refuse to play (either for good or bad reasons), only to get a sim win when the other player was willing to re-play. Remember to schedule your games early so that it doesn't come down to advance night.

    3. If you are getting blown out and the game desyncs, you should step aside and allow for the auto-pilot.

    Only makes sense. If you want to make the claim to re-play you certainly can, you'll just discuss that with your opponent.


    Now when I say being blown out and being a close game, that can mean different situations. Now also remember that it's between the two owners to determine what to do, use some respect and honesty. If that can't happen then I'll step in and handle it myself, which is a last step. Again if you have any questions should it arise about any of this just message me, lilgame, or JMic. We'll help resolve your issue if your not sure where your situation fits in.

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    Auto pilot procedures Empty Re: Auto pilot procedures

    Post by Shadez on March 18th 2013, 1:14 pm

    I feel in any instance where someone is permitted to play the CPU a blow out rule should be in place. By earning XP and the Hot/Cold feature in this Madden release playing such key roles on how well a player performs I think anyone playing the CPU should not be able to go over more than 35 points in a game vs the CPU.

    Example: If you're playing the CPU and the score is 28-0 the person playing the CPU can only score 7 more points unless the CPU scores. Should the person playing the CPU score those 7 points he should shut the offense down and be forced to rum the ball and run down the clock.

    It's unfair to the rest of the coaches to allow one individual the opportunity to boost his team because he plays the CPU and also its not fair to the other coach who played a full game to only have it disconnect and his players become cold or don't build up XP because he had to allow his opponent to play the CPU.

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