DRAFT TONIGHT (details here!!!)


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    DRAFT TONIGHT (details here!!!) Empty DRAFT TONIGHT (details here!!!)

    Post by lilgame06 on May 7th 2013, 6:31 pm

    Ok folks, the draft will be tonight at 10pm est. hopefully with 12 CPU teams, it should go relatively smooth. We will go at least the first four or five rounds before simming the rest is most of y'all request to do so. If you guys want to make a trade with a human player during the draft, you have to let me know thru group me or AIM, so I can pause for you.

    Afterwards, free agency will be open. Typically we've been doing a free agency draft, and then a waiver like period following that. Instead, we will just go with a that waiver/claim system. So how it will work is that following the draft, you will have 24 hours to select TWO free agents. At the end of 24 hours, you will then be able to claim ONE free agent every 12 hours. You will post these all of these free agent claims in the free agency thread that I will open up following the draft.

    As far as trades, I'm not going to regulate trades for the remainder of XML. The only regulation will be no trading with CPU teams. Otherwise, you don't have to post them or await my approval or anything like that. I trust you all to handle your own trade business with there being roughly just 20 of us.

    Finally, the advance schedule. If you guys have no interest in the preseason, I'll leave week 1 open for the first 24 hours after the draft for the purpose of claiming free agents....but after that, I'll sim the remainder of the preseason so we can jump into the regular season. I'd like to keep the Monday, Wednesday, Friday advance schedule. We can advance early if the majority of games are played earlier...but otherwise, we would advance late Sunday nights/early Monday morning, late Tuesday nights/early Wednesday morning, and late Thursday nights/early Friday mornings.

    I've got nothing else for now, so let me know if you guys have any requests, suggestions, and questions.

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