Minnesota Vikings (Xyenz)


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    Minnesota Vikings (Xyenz)

    Post by BigJohnMic on November 29th 2012, 1:54 pm

    I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Xyenz. Seems like a solid owner and a good dude. He is sim to the "T" and a very good playcaller. Mixes it up on both sides. Talented player who is better than his 2-4 record.

    Defense: Has the ability to get great pressure with his front four (that should obvious since Allen and Robison have 11 and 10 sacks respectively). X also likes load up on the run on first and second down, and will user the Safety to contain any edge runs. Third downs, he's pretty unpredictable. Will user the DL to bring a rush or Safety to help in coverage. Running the ball is almost not worth it, but you gotta keep him honest since his pass rush is so good Smile His DL sheds blocks very well. However, if you have a speedy back, if they can make the safety miss, they'll have the ability to take it to the house.

    Offense: He's got some guys injured on offense (namely Adrian Peterson), but he's still effective in getting the ball to playmakers like WR DeArius Bumpers (sp). Backup RB McRae broke off a long run on me. Tends to run some powers and off tackle runs to gain leverage on the the edge. If he sees off coverage, will look to take advantage of quick passes. Does a good job of taking what the defense gives him, but will look to hit a few deep balls in one-on-one situations. He acquired QB Terrelle Pryor after our game, so I assume he'll start over Tarvaris Jackson???

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    Re: Minnesota Vikings (Xyenz)

    Post by TheDarkKnight50 on December 9th 2012, 3:22 am

    I like the scouting report, although he left. Let's see some more league wide...

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